Review #873 – Wray and Nephew Jamaican Overproof Rum

Review #873 | /r/Rum Review #42 – Wray and Nephew Jamaican Overproof Rum

The Schtick: This is supposedly the best selling rum in Jamaica, garnering over 90% of domestic sales. That said, this is an unaged white rum, bottled at an eye watering 63% ABV. Priced firmly in the “what a steal” category, this makes a compelling addition to go alongside other unaged, overproofed rums in the sector.

Distiller: J Wray & Nephew (Jamaica)

Bottler: J. Wray & Nephew

ABV: 63% ABV

Age: N/A

Nose: Lightly funky, sugar cane. Vanilla icing. Rich sweetness, nice banana and some other fruits, mild funk.

Taste: Vanilla cream, mild funk. Some heat, but really mild for the proof. Rotting bananas. Some burning rubber. Sweet icing.

Finish: Medium, hot, rotting fruits, some rubber, sweet confectioners sugar.

Overall: This was actually tolerable neat and also makes a darn good cocktail.

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Rank: 5


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