Review #874 – Balcones Baby Blue

Review #874 | /r/Bourbon Review #462 – Balcones Baby Blue

The Schtick: This is supposedly (according to Balcones) the first whiskey on the market, produced in Texas, since Prohibition. It is made from heirloom blue corn.

This is Day #22 in the Craft Whiskey Crackdown. Here is the terrain covered thus far:

Distiller: Balcones (Texas)

Bottler: Balcones

ABV: 46% ABV

Age: NAS

Nose: Sweet rich cream. Nice vanilla. Muted corn. Not much else here.

Taste: Corn, caramel, odd vitamin note. Some cocoa, light oak, pepper. Weird fruity notes. Thin, no real heat. Sort of musty.

Finish: Short, no real heat here. Tastes like shredded wheat cereal, faint oak, some vanilla.

Overall: This isn’t terrible, the nose is the best part, though. From there it’s down hill. I’m going to give this a 4, though. I really enjoyed the nose, the palate was good and the finish wasn’t bad. That’s saying a lot here in Craft Whiskey Land

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 4



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