Review #877 – St. George Whiskey, 2014 Release

Review #877 | /r/Bourbon Review #463 – St George Whiskey, 2014 Release

The Schtick: This is a whiskey release form St. George in California. They distill a range of spirits, and this is an older bottling of their younger spirit. From what I can tell, this bottle was bottled when the distillate was 65 months old. For those in the audience that hate math, that’s just over 5 years old.

This is Day #23 in the Craft Whiskey Crackdown. Here is the terrain covered thus far:

Distiller: St. George

Bottler: St. George

ABV: 43% ABV

Age: 65 Months

Nose: Cereal, lemon lime. Musty cardboard. Faint oak. Weird sweetness. No heat.

Taste: Thin, no heat. Sweet, vanilla. Apples and pears. Super muted palate.

Finish: Short, oak, pepper. Some splenda and artificial candy, like candy corn notes.

Overall: Inoffensive, but mostly because the entirety of the dram is so muted and thin.

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Rank: 3



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