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Review #884 | /r/Scotch Review #297 – Glenfiddich XX

The Schtick: “The second release in Glenfiddich’s Experimental Series is their Project XX expression, which was made not simply by one Malt Master, but 20! 20 Malt Masters were invited to the Glenfiddich distillery and invited them to pick any expression from the thousands of casks maturing in the warehouse. The 20 chosen whiskies were then married by Malt Master Brian Kinsman to create this single malt you see before your eyes.” – Master of Malt

Distiller: Glenfiddich

Bottler: Glenfiddich

ABV: 47% ABV

Age: NAS

Nose: Apples, pears, laffy taffy. Banana nerd candies. Honey, vanilla, sweet caramel. Very light and effervescent. Mildly doughy.

Taste: Medium mouth feel. Honey, fresh baked bread, caramels, apple pie. The elevated proof helps here a LOT. Some heat, but the extra richness of the fruits and caramel is nice. No artificial candy note here.

Finish: Short, sweet, fruity, and bready. No real heat here.

Overall: This was actually really nice. Unique, different – not amazing, but also not a gimmicky let down like I was concerned it might be. For the price of Glenfiddich 15, I think it performs about the same, although it is significantly different in ways.

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Rank: 5

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