Review #889 – Knob Creek 2009 Cask Strength Rye

Review #889 | /r/Bourbon Review #467 – Knob Creek 2009 Cask Strength Rye

The Schtick: This is a cask strength rye released under the Knob Creek label by Beam/Suntory. This comes from Warehouse A and is bottled at 59.8% ABV.  I worked through a bottle of this, but was dumb enough to not take a bottle kill picture. 

Distiller: Beam / Suntory

Bottler: Beam / Suntory

ABV: 59.8% ABV

Warehouse: A

Age: 9 Years

Nose: Toffee, clove, pepper, rye spice. Nice sweetness. Some musty oak. Little bit of light spearmint, but very little. Could be a little green vegetation.

Taste: Medium mouth feel. Honey, toffee, caramel. Waffles and syrup. Rye spice. Lots of clove, pepper and tobacco. Mild heat, but not punishing despite being almost 60% ABV.

Finish: Long, a bit more heat here, but lots of pepper, cloves, tobacco and some real robust oak.

Overall: This really changes over time, starting as sweet and almost vegetal and transforming into a dry, bold, oaky rye. I really dig it, and think it’s about time that KC gives us something like this.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 7

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