Review #905 – Arran 20yr Old Particular 1997 #11608

Review #905 | Scotch Review #305 – Arran 20yr Old Particular 1997

The Schtick: This is a 20 year old release by Douglas Laing’s Old Particular IB line made up of 20yr spirit from the Arran distillery. It was matured in a refill hogshead and is bottled into one of 136 releases bottles.

“20 year old single malt from the Arran distillery, which resides on the island that shares its name. This was distilled in January 1997 and filled into a refill hogshead (clearly a very active one, considering the mahogany hue of the whisky). In the cask it slumbered for 2 decades, until March 2017, when Douglas Laing bottled it for their Old Particular range. Only 136 bottles were produced.” – Master of Malt

Distiller: Arran

Bottler: Douglas Laing’s Old Particular

ABV: 44.4% ABV

Age: 20 Years

Nose: Honey, toffee, rich stewed fruits. Lots of sweet caramel, some currant and then blackberry. Jam. Nice and nutty, almost an amaretto note. Lightly grassy.

Taste: Medium mouth feel, but no heat. Honey, light sulfur, cherry cordial, blackberry jam. Tobacco, pepper, and nice tart orange peel.

Finish: Long, dry, funky. Orange peel, lemon zest, cherry and lots of tobacco and sulfur. A bit more sulfur than I enjoy, and also this borderline bandage funk. Not like peat, but very mild funk. Strange, but pairs well.

Overall: This is funky and strange, swinging from one side of a standard sherried profile to another. I enjoyed it, though, and wish I had the cajones to snap up a bottle when they were on sale.

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Rank: 6

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