Review #926 – 1792 Full Proof, MC’s Package Store Selection

Review #926 | Bourbon Review #489 – 1792 Full Proof, MC’s Package Store Selection

The Schtick: 1792 Full Proof is typically a small batch, proofed release from Barton in Kentucky. Bottled at 125pf, it is hard to tell what the original barrel proof was for these releases, but all the same, 62.5% ABV isn’t a bad number to run with. This is very similar to Knob Creek’s Single Barrel Reserve, which is a release consistently diluted to 60% ABV and I like those all the way from fine to amazing. In this series, I’m comparing a variety of Single Barrel releases from the Full Proof lineup, selected by various stores, vendors and societies in the USA.

This is day 2 in my short series investigating various 1792 Full Proof Selections.

Distiller: 1792 (Barton)

Bottler: 1792 (Barton)

ABV: 62.5% ABV

Age: NAS

Nose: Honey, apples and pears, vanilla cream, light cocoa. Some light almond, ethanol.

Taste: Honey, ethanol. Nice medium mouth feel. Vanilla cream, fruity apple tart, faint chalky character. Some bitter oak, light pepper.

Finish: Long but very hot. Apples, vanilla cream, cocoa and rich oak. Faint tobacco. Mostly fruity and hot.

Overall: This is nice, but very hot. It leans towards the fruity and oaky profile with notes like caramel and toffee that I usually find in bourbons taking the back seat.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 5

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