Review #956 – Redemption 9yr Barrel Proof Bourbon

Review #956 | /r/Bourbon Review #499 – Redemption 9yr Barrel Proof Bourbon

The Schtick: This was a bottle that I tried blind and was reviewed live.

Redemption is a NDP using MGP/LDi distillate to fuel their various bourbon and rye releases.

Distiller: MGP / LDI (Indiana)

Bottler: Redemption

ABV: 55.3% ABV

Age: 9 Years

Nose: Honey, brown sugar, oak, lots of vanilla. Not a lot of spice, not a lot of fruit. Some tobacco.

Taste: Thin to medium mouth feel, some young grassy notes. Clove, pepper, some spice here. Less caramel, some lightly malty notes, faint musty. No real fruits here but there is some pepper and astringency. Heat isn’t terrible.

Finish: Short to medium in length, malty, musty, bitter with some astringency. Clove and pepper, faint orange peel, growing astringent with time.

Overall + Guess: I’m not really a fan of this. It seems young, overly bitter, and almost crafty. I’m guessing this is a 3-6 year old bourbon, 50% ABV, from a craft producer. Could be rye, but I don’t think so.

Reveal: Redemption 9yr Barrel Proof Bourbon. Swing and a miss here. On the positive, it drank well below it’s proof. On the negative, it really wasn’t good, and highlights another whiff in sourced MGP casks, although it is an older release. The bitterness and the astringency really disguised how well aged this was, which is sort of a bummer.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 4


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