Review #957 – Bunnahabhain 13yr Limited Edition Marsala Finish

Review #957 | Scotch Review #320 – Bunnahabhain 13yr Marsala Finish Limited Edition

The Schtick: This is an older limited edition hailing from Bunnahabhain that was finished in Marsala casks before being bottled.

Distiller: Bunnahabhain

Bottler: Bunnahabhain

ABV: 46.3% ABV

Age: 13 Years

Nose: Honey, rich syrupy fruits. Less overstated than the PX, which is nice. Lots of apple, pear, raspberry, currant and blackberry here. Lots of bread-y sweetness, doughy and thick nose. Some caramel, butter scotch and faint brine.

Taste: Medium mouth feel. No real heat. No smoke. Sweet, honey, toffee, caramel. Vanilla bean, raspberry, pears, apples and data fruit. Well integrated here, faint brine in the background. Light tobacco character, as well.

Finish: Long, sweet, with some growing smoke. Caramel, apples, pear, vanilla, light yeast gives way to faint mineral soapstone, faint ashy smoke, and some light brine. Dynamic and interesting, without anything being too brash or aggressive.

Overall: Really nice showing from Bunnahabhain, doing something they don’t always seem to pursue: balance. This isn’t a smoke bomb, it’s not a sherry bomb, it’s a well integrated combination of dessert, fruit, ash and the sea. Well done.

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Rank: 7

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