Review #987 – Caol Ila 10yr Gordon MacPhail 2007 Binny’s Selection

Review #987 | Scotch Review #329 – Caol Ila 10yr Gordon & MacPhail 2007 Binny’s Selection

The Schtick: This is a bottling of Caol Ila distillate by Gordon & MacPhail that was matured fully in a refill sherry butt. It was selected by Binny’s – a regional liquor retailer in Illinois. This was bottled without any filtering or coloring and at cask strength.

Coincidentally, I’ve had this a couple of times before. Once as a sample, and once again blind. It led me to buy a bottle, in a somewhat frenzied fashion, and these are my notes after working through a full bottle over the last 9 months or so (give or take).

Sample | Blind Sample

Distiller: Caol Ila

Bottler: Gordon & MacPhail

Selection: Binny’s Beverage Depot

ABV: 59% ABV

Age: 10 Years

Distilled: 6/18/2007

Bottle Code: 21/08/17 | 171301

Bottled: August, 2017

Cask Number: 311989

Bottle: One of 289 Produced

Nose: Rich nutty sherry. Figs, dates, vibrant currant. Blackberry jam. Syrupy honey. Light ashy smoke, faint minerality. Light sea air.

Taste: Thick, rich. No noticeable heat immediately. Rich figs, caramel, nutty sherry. Honey, figs, blackberry and creme brulee. Short delay, and then the peat storms in. Burning, ashy wood. Light sea influence. Lots of pepper, cocoa, pipe tobacco and clove. More rich tobacco and musty parchment. Jammy berries.

Finish: Long, rich and ashy. Tons of burning wood, ashy smoke, and faint maritime air. Rich pepper, loads of red berries like cranberry, raspberry, cherry and some blackberry. Long and smoky.

Overall: The richness here is astounding, and it’s loaded with everything from burning logs to jammy, syrupy sherry. It was a chore to savor this bottle because I found myself reaching for it anytime there was some gloom, or a chill in the air. A perfect synthesis of peat and sherry if you ask me. For a refill cask, it was surprisingly active, also. Really well done.

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Rank: 8

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