Review #990 – Son of a Peat, Batch 1

Review #990 | /r/Scotch Review #330 – Son of a Peat, Batch 1

The Schtick: This was a bottle that I tried blind and I reviewed it live on the Whiskey Network Discord server, then got the reveal in order to fill in relevant details here.

This is a bottling done by Flaviar and is a blend of scotches from Islay, the Islands, and Speyside. It is non-chillfiltered and there is no word on coloring. It “contains up to 16yr old malt” according to Flaviar.

Distiller: Undisclosed Blend

Bottler: Flaviar

ABV: 48.3% ABV

Age: NAS

Nose: Honey, bread, lemon and lime. Salted caramel, maritime air. Sweet and yeasty.

Taste: Thin to medium mouth feel, lots of honey, salt, pepper. Lightly smoky, faint ash, burning wood, campfire. Very light iodine. No real heat here.

Finish: Short to medium length, mildly woody and ashy. Vanilla, lots of honey, fresh baked bread and lemon lime fruit notes. Pepper.

Overall + Guess: This is a nice, lightly peated dram, although I found it thin overall. I’m guessing this is an unpeated Caol Ila, or maybe Old Pulteney based on the saltiness and the fruit notes. The lemon lime screamed Ardbeg to me, but the peat didn’t match up. Guessing this is 8-12 years old, 40% ABV and matured in ex-bourbon.

Reveal: Son of a Peat, Batch 1. Interesting. A blend of islay, islands and speyside whiskey courtesy of Flaviar. Not terrible.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 5


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