2019 Ginvitational

In 2019, the very first Ginvitational was born. It was an experiment – an idea. What if, every year, we celebrated gin by recognizing some of the best shelf mainstays?

In the world of craft distilling, gin and vodka are immensely popular feeder products to ensure a stream of income while aged spirits must mature. The more distilleries I have visited in the last several years, the more I realized there are many talented gin producers out there. Soon, I found myself more interested in a craft distiller’s gin products than their resting aged spirits. The breadth of diversity and quality across American’s gin producers is astounding, and it grows by the day.

In 2019, I tried 13 gins, with some variety between craft producers, macro producers and one undisclosed, but almost certainly, macro producer.

Review #1064 – Phillip’s Gin4
Review #1067 – Tanqueray Rangpur Gin6
Review #1102 – Great Lakes Distillery Rehorst Gin6
Review #1105 – Magellan Gin5
Review #1107 – River Rose Barrel Aged Gin5
Review #1141 – New Amsterdam Gin5
Review #1144 – Tanqueray Malacca6
Review: 100 Mill St. Gin8
Review #1222 – Kirkland London Dry Gin5
Review #1228 – Malfy Con Limone5
Review #1244 – Castle and Key Restoration London Dry Gin7
Review #1258 – Roku Gin4
Review #1334 – Esme Gin4

Like I mentioned, this was an experiment. Would I enjoy pitting a variety of gins against each other? Turns out, the answer was yes. Even more curious – would I enjoy craft gins more, or macro gins more? Turns out that was easily explained as well. The best gin was hands down 100 Mill Street – and it was the 2019 Ginvitational Winner.

The 2019 Ginvitational was interesting, but a bit spread out. An experiment. But when it was done, I knew I wanted to do it again. I wanted to do it bigger, better, and more organized. I started planning the 2020 Ginvitational immediately.

Stay tuned for updates regarding the 2020 Ginvitational. It will be a 60 day celebration of gin. 60 gins – from producers (preferably craft) across the globe. American, the UK, Scotland, Spain, France, and beyond. Presented in a linear format – one gin a day, with awards for Overall Best, Best by Style, and Best Value. See you in 2020, Gin fans!