2020 Ginvitational

Howdy there folks!

2019 was a fun year. It brought us our first Ginvitational. 13 gins, competing for a crown. It was a bit spread out, but it was fun, and intensely informative, and full of gin reviews.

It laid the foundation for this year’s Ginvitational. This year, 60+ gins will go head to head via reviews. A two month long celebration of international, craft, artisan – you name it. One gin a day, with best in class awards handed out via gin reviews. To date, it’s the largest t8ke.review undertaking since the Gobble Til You Wobble Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey roundup.

Starting June 11th, and stretching into early October, we’ll take a look at one gin a day. We’ll consider background, tasting notes, overall thoughts, and slot it into a bracket with all the others.

Want to know who’s involved so far? Take a peek below. I will be filling our this bracket as new gins come out, are procured and sampled, etc. At the end, there will be an epic series roundup, just like any other official series I’ve done. I’m tasting these in a random order to eliminate concern or bias, so you’ll see this roster fill up slowly, from all over, as reviews are completed. After all reviews are done, awards will commence.

1Great Lakes Distillery Rehorst Gin Batch 120
2Treaty Oak Distilling Antique Waterloo Gin
3Manifest Distilling Barreled Gin
4Manifest Distilling Gin
5Watershed Distillery Four Peel Gin
6Wonderbird Spirits Gin No. 61
7100 Mill Street Gin Batch 6
8Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin
9Glendalough Wild Botanical Gin
10Driftless Glen Double Barrel Gin
11Goodwyn Gin
12Hofland Gin
13New Amsterdam London Dry Gin
14Limestone Branch Distillery Bowling & Burch Gin
15Prairie Gin
16Great Lakes Distillery Barrel Aged Gin
17Central Standard Gin
18Tom’s Town Distilling Company Gin
19Durham Distillery Conniption Gin
20Silo Reserve Gin
21New Riff American Gin
22New Riff Barrel Aged Gin
23Bombay Sapphire Gin
24Twisted Path Gin
25Ledgerock Distillery Frostbite Gin
26Chemist Spirits American Gin
27Chemist Spirits American Barrel Rested Gin
28Chemist Spirits Navy Strength Gin
29Greenbar Distillery Bright Gin
30Greenbar Distillery Amber Gin
31Letherbee Distillery
32Joseph Magnus Vigilant District Dry Gin
33Joseph Magnus Vigilant Navy Strength Gin
34Lee Spirits Dry Gin
35Lee Spirits Lavender Gin
36Lee Spirits Strawberry Ginger Gin
37Lee Spirits Ginfuego
38Cooperstown Distillery Fenimore Gin
39Cooperstown Distillery Lafite French Traders Gin
40Dry Fly Distilling Gin
41Dry Fly Distilling Barrel Aged Gin
42Whistling Andy Distillery
43Wollersheim Distillery Garden Ivy Gin
44Watershed Distillery Guild Gin
45Citadelle Gin
46Griffo Distilling Scott Street Gin
47Griffo Distilling Barrel Rested Gin
48Hadley & Sons
49Green House
50Oregon Spirit
51Starr Blu
52Death’s Door Gin
53Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin
54Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin
55Four Pillars Navy Strength Gin
56Oakland Spirits Automatic No. 5
57Oakland Spirits Automatic Sea Gin
58Oakland Spirits Uptown Dry Gin
59Bimini Dry Gin
60Bimini Overproof Gin
61Gray Whale Gin
62Breuckelen Distilling
63Castle & Key Distillery Restoration Gin
64Castle & Key Distillery Autumn 2019 Gin
65Castle & Key Distillery Spring 2020 Gin
66Falcon Spirits Distilling Botanica Spiritv
67Falcon Spirits Distilling Botanica Barrel Finished Gin

At this time, if you have any suggestions for gins to add to the list, please let me know! While the roster is still filling up, there is plenty of room!


At this time, all gins are being taste tested. You can expect to see reviews start rolling out, in no specific order, on June 7th. I delayed kick off by one week due to some current events, and wanting to take some time to ensure the roster was all set.