Gobble ‘Til You Wobble Phase One Conclusions

Afternoon ladies and gents. I know that Phase One was pretty short, but it’s pretty clear that won’t be the case for most other series in the line after the Masters. That being said, despite the short running of Phase One, only three samples, I still want to cement the habit of circling back and looking at the results of the Phase.

This phase we looked at three different samples. They were:

Originally, I had planned to do these samples in a blind SBS. After thinking a bit more about them, though, I decided that was a silly pursuit. We have three different mashbills, one of which is a bourye.

I concluded there would be less to gain looking at them blind, rather than taking an evening with each to really get deep into the dram. I think this worked rather well. Future series will definitely be blind, as they all match up very logically.

Anyways, what did we learn? I think there are some key takeaway points for each.

Wild Turkey Diamond

While a cool idea, the palate is only just okay. It’s a look into a less typical Wild Turkey profile, but priced well above where it punches. I think it’s a comfortable release at $50-$60 but unfortunately, it retailed for well over that. While older bourbon isn’t exactly cheap, a product priced in the triple digit dollars should be able to deliver in the glass in order to merit the high price. Diamond, while good, falls well short of that.

Wild Turkey Forgiven

A fun, Diageo-esque, tale about the accidental mixing of young bourbon and even younger rye brings us Wild Turkey Forgiven.

The lore, presented by WT PR, tells us that Russel tasted this “mistake” and loved it – so much so that all was forgiven.

While a heartwarming tale, it seems to tie to no root in reality. It was young, funky, expensive, shallow and I’d much prefer to utilize it for pretty much any other scenario besides further human consumption.

Sure, it’s better than a lot of craft stuff I’ve had, but should that really be a prize that WT is satisfied with winning? I think not.

Wild Turkey Distiller’s Reserve

This was a really cool look at what happens when the Bird flies abroad. Does he fly first class? Does he fly coach? Does he compete with the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? These are all questions I wish I could answer – but, alas, I can only speak to the quality of the product.

I reviewed this once before, many eons ago I liked it a lot. That sample came from a brand new bottle. This sample did not, and the legends are true. It was just fine – but definitely less bold and complex than the previous sample I had. Leave this bird to his vacation in Japan, folks. For the cost (and effort) of appropriation, reward yourself with other prizes.

So, in conclusion – this series is a ton of fun. I can’t wait to keep going. The next Phase up will be another shortie – the Master’s. After that, though, it’s time to get jiggy with it. So, look forward to Master’s Keep and Master’s Keep Decades squaring off blind!
Excitement! Mystery! Intrigue!

Anyways, have you enjoyed the series so far? What would you like to see more of? Less of? Different? I’m always looking for feedback.

Thanks for reading!