Gobble ‘Til You Wobble Phase Three Conclusions

Gobble til You Wobble: Phase Three Conclusions

Howdy all, Phase Two was quite a bit longer than the previous two but boy was it fun. Thanks to everyone that read, contributed and followed along! It was really a scream to see how different ages and barrels stacked up against one and each other.

In Phase Three, there were three reviews:

I know there were a fair bit more, but if there are any you missed and want to catch back up on, the links are above!
After posting my thoughts and hearing from a lot of you (thanks for all your comments and feedback, by the way!) I think there are a couple things I concretely learned about WTKS:

  1. Store picks don’t necessarily indicate a superior barrel. While some were average or slightly above, none were really terrible.
  2. Some current picks were as good as Pewter Top. I liked some modern samples just as good, although they were different.
  3. WTKS is prone to significant variation. I’d really only buy bottles going forward if I could taste them first.

It’s the elephant in the room and it needs to be said: the oldest samples (Pewter and the 2004) were very good. I don’t think that’s really a fact to debate. I would definitely buy bottles of them if they were on the shelf. I really enjoyed the shift in profiles between the 2004 and the pewter. That being said, modern WTKS that is just as good is out there. I was sad to see that the 2008 and one of the store picks was not a favorite – but it goes to show that age and being “a pick” does not necessarily guarantee quality.

This is the case with all single barrel products. Just because someone specially picks one of those barrels for a store isn’t an indicator of quality.

To be honest, I’m pretty surprised. I’ve had some really awful WTKS in the past and none of these were sub-par. All performed at average or above.

Next, we have the WT101 samples to contend with. This should be REALLY interesting given that there are 10 samples ranging from 1999-2017. Some export, some age stated, some US NAS.

If there are no complaints, I will proceed with those just as I did with the WTKS. I’ll have them all blinded. Review them all. Then seek reveals in order to fill in the review details. I’ll write them up one by one and post them here. I know that it takes a little longer but I think it’s the superior solution to ensure complete statistical blindness, while also making the writeups interesting and engaging for the community.

As always, got any questions or comments you’d like to add? Any predictions? I’m super stoked to see how WT varies over the different labels, exports, ages and years. This is your shot to give me feedback and guide the course of the next round. Feel free to banter at your leisure also, I’d love to hear any thoughts you have!

Gobble on, pals!