Gobble ‘Til You Wobble Phase Two Conclusions

Gobble til You Wobble: Phase Two Conclusions

Howdy all, I know that Phase Two, like Phase One was pretty short but I’m going to continue this conclusions trend. With each phase, there’s more Turkey to look back on so I think it’s wise, and fun, to keep up the discussion.

In Phase Two, there was only one Review:

but I do want to yammer a little about it. This test leads me to have finished three WT “Limited Editions” – the Diamond Anniversary and the two Master’s Keeps. After testing those out, I think we can safely say, at least for now, that Wild Turkey modern Limited Editions are generally underwhelming.

After posting my thoughts and hearing from a lot of you (thanks for all your comments and feedback, by the way!) I think a couple points have been clearly echoed

  1. Current Turkey Limited Editions aren’t horrible.
  2. Current Turkey Limited Editions aren’t incredible.
  3. Current Turkey Limited Editions are overpriced.

Now, I expect some disagreement with those generalizations but statistically, they are just generalizations and some deviation from the median can be expected.

Personally, I did not like MK17, whereas I thought decades was pretty good. I thought Diamond was okay. I understand some may rank those differently but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Oddly though, the same premise seemed to be echoed almost universally and that was an agreement on point 3 – Turkey LE’s are overpriced. Sure, I heard a lot of variation on how much people were willing to pay, or thought it was worth after paying sticker price and opening it, but the vast majority seemed to hover around the thought bubble that the value is less than the MSRP. I think it’s interesting that this is a consistent point. The fact that WT LE products have been widely considered shelf turds until Decades seems to reinforce this.

Overall, I did think the Decades was the best of the three LE’s and I hope that this trend continues. Hopefully, if they don’t get more reasonable with their pricing, the quality will still continue to improve until there is an intersection of quality and price of admittance.

I know this wrap up was a little on the short side but never fear…this will no longer be the case. Next up we have the Kentucky Spirit round. This should really be a ton of fun and generate tons of information for discussion. I will be conduction that test completely blind. My significant other has emptied all of the samples into new amber bostons and marked them with a letter. She has a hold on the legend and I will review two samples against each other, completely blind. EDIT: Or may do one by one, since that seems like a great approach also.

Now, folks of the interwebs, I have a question for you. Would you prefer to see the reveal after each SBS or would you rather deal with some measure of patience and get a grand reveal at the wrap up?? This one is up to you – since I know I don’t like reading mystery samples if there is no reveal, I figured I would solicit your feelings in order to keep this series both informative AND interesting. I have no qualms doing either way. There are 8 WTKS samples so it should equate to 4 sessions and then the wrap up. PLEASE let me know what you think!

Gobble on, pals!