The 2018 Craft Whiskey Crackdown

This was the first annual release of my series that sought to gather various craft and NDP offerings throughout the USA and see how the industry was doing. It turned into a fun, 24 day long goose chase of interesting and weird whiskeys. Some weren’t half bad. Some were terrible. One thing I learned for sure: the Craft Whiskey Crackdown will now be a yearly series to see how the landscape of micro producers and non-distilling producers changes from year to year in the USA.

Review NumberDayReviewRank
8111Day 1,  Big House Bourbon4
8142Day 2,  Kings County Bourbon1
8173Day 3,  Johnny Drum Private Stock5
8204Day 4,  John J. Bowman Single Barrel6
8235Day 5,  Rye Royal 20yr5
8266Day 6,  Big Bottom Bourbon4
8297Day 7,  Copper Pony Rye, 6mo2
8328Day 8,  Hayes Parker Bourbon, 6mo1
8359Day 9,  Winchester Rye, 6mo2
83810Day 10, Winchester Straight Bourbon, 2yr3
84111Day 11, Winchester Extra Smooth Bourbon1
84412Day 12, Willett Pot Still3
84713Day 13, Hooker's House Sonoma Style High Rye Pinot Noir Finished Bourbon4
85014Day 14, Knox Whiskey Works 70/30 Single Barrel, MC"s Selection3
85315Day 15, Homestead Barrel Proof4
85616Day 16, Boondocks Cask Strength American Whiskey4
85917Day 17, Old Forge Cask Strength Single Barrel Bourbon, McScrooge's Selection4
86218Day 18, David James 10yr Straight American Whiskey5
86519Day 19, 1816 Chattanooga Cask Whiskey McScrooge's Selection4
86820Day 20, Virgin Bourbon 7yr5
87121Day 21, Balcones Texas Single Malt4
87422Day 22, Balcones Baby Blue4
87723Day 23, St. George Single Malt Whisky3
88024Day 24, Stranahan's Snowflake #20, Quandary Peak December 20175