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Review #1001 – Buffalo Trace Antique Collection 2018: George T. Stagg 2018

This is a widely anticipated annual release from Buffalo Trace. It is one of five bottles in their Antique Collection, and represents their take on a straight bourbon at cask strength. This was distilled in the spring of 2013 and bottled in 2018. There were still many, many bottles of this produced, clocking in around 37,000 – although that number is down compared to last year. Let’s dive in and see how it is.

Review #958 – Buffalo Trace Antique Collection: George T. Stagg 2017

This is a well aged, cask strength bourbon that exists as part of the exclusive set of Antique Collection releases that drop from Buffalo Trace every fall. This is a 15 year old bourbon, released as a marriage of 309 barrels that were hand picked by Buffalo Trace staff. As we draw upon the fall hunt season, I found myself finishing this bottle from last year’s release and figured that Bourbon review #500 made for a good case to finish off the bottle, and my note taking.

Review #895 – Old Weller Antique, NCF Annapolis Whisky Society Selection

​Review #895 | /r/Bourbon Review #469 – Old Weller Antique, Annapolis Whiskey Society Selection The Schtick: This is a private selection of Old Weller Antique. It is non-chill filtered. It was selected by the Annapolis Whiskey Society Distiller: Buffalo Trace Bottler: Buffalo Trace ABV: 53.5% ABV Age: NAS Nose: Honey, tobacco, sweet cream. Corn syrup, toffee, tobacco, some rich pepper. Some …

Review #892 – Weller Special Reserve

​Review #892 | /r/Bourbon Review #468 – Weller Special Reserve The Schtick: This is the lower most entry in Buffalo Trace’s Weller line of expressions – wheated bourbons sold under the William Larue Weller (and various permutations) name. Distiller: Buffalo Trace Bottler: Buffalo Trace ABV: 45% ABV Age: NAS Nose:Cinnamon, clove, red hot candies. Ethanol. Faint caramel. ​Taste: Thin, hot cinnamon. …