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Hey folks!

t8ke here,

Happy Friday! As many of you are used to seeing, there are typically 1-3 reviews posted on any given day here at t8ke.review. Before you grow concerned – don’t fret. This schedule won’t change. You’ll still see spirits reviews each day.

I wanted to let you know today that in the future, some changes – namely additions, will be joining that fray. If your inboxes will tolerate it, I will also be rolling out a weekly blog post, featuring a topic of my choosing. Don’t expect a 140 character tweet, but also don’t expect a dissertation length post. I’d like to keep it high-quality, but accessible. Something you can read while you’re cooking, waking up in the morning with your coffee, or enjoying with that first glass of the evening after the kids are in bed.

Like everything else, it’ll be free. Next Friday, you can expect the first blog post to roll out, as well as a look at some future posts to look forward to.

People have also requested I talk a bit more about the wine we’re drinking in quarantine. I’ve always been sort of a closet wine drinker, taking notes but never sharing them. I don’t quite know why this is, but it’s probably time to knock that off.

Starting next week, you can expect a once weekly Wine Digest. In quarantine I’ve gotten really passionate about wine and food pairing, so I’ll chat a bit about that as well.

This Wine Digest will highlight a couple of the bottles we’ve tried since the previous Digest (may only be one some weeks, but I doubt it). Expect a review of my favorite of the week, and a short synopsis of the rest, with a thumbs up, thumbs down. Super simple stuff. No need to complicate it.

Unless otherwise noted, all bottles reviewed are sub-$25 bottles, so they should be accessible and affordable if one sounds enticing and you’d like to pick it up for yourself. You can read about what various meals we paired it with, as well as a rating.

Does this sound interesting to you? I hope it does. If it doesn’t, I will accept a furiously written email of disagreement. If not, let the weekly non-review blog post and weekly wine digest begin!

Thanks for your time, I hope you all are staying healthy and happy out there,

–t8ke | t8ke@t8ke.review


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