Wine Digest: Week 21

Hey folks! Happy Thursday. It’s almost the weekend, and a long weekend with a holiday, at that. Hope you all have some plans, indoor or not, and get a little sunshine. Four days of storms coming here, but that’s life. As always, if you’d like to request I try something, let me know. If not, let’s get to it.

Best Wine: 2018 Arco Iris Rainbow Tempranillo

I was doubtful about this one. What good comes in a liter? By the end of the bottle, I was thankful for the extra 250ml, as this was really something. Lots of jammy fruit for a Temp, with just enough tannins to keep things on the rails. Robust body, minimal acidity. Paired well with homemade lasagna, and spicy pork meatballs.

Two thumbs up, $17

The Other Wines

2018 J. Mourat Rosee de Jardin

Dry rose style, not a misspelling. High acidity, low sweetness. Devoid of tannins, despite a great mouth feel. Tart, not too mineral forward. Bright apple, cherry and pear notes. Paired well with Jalapeno hamburgers, teriyaki stir fry. Will plan to drink the backup fresh as well. A bit less acidity would be welcome, but it helps cut through spicy and sweet flavors aptly.

– Middle of the Road, $10

2016 El Coto Crianza

100% Tempranillo (sensing a trend here, we drink a lot of Temp), this bottle had much more tannins and oak body than the rainbow, to pair with pepper, tobacco and a whole host of dark fruits like currant, blackberry and lingonberry. Acidity was just right, good body. Paired well with steak and vegetables, as well as grilled chicken and oriental salad. Will absolutely rebuy.

– Thumbs Up, $14

That’s all for this week, folks. Lots of Tempranillo, which will change next week. Not 100% what we’ll open for the long weekend and beyond, but I’m feeling a bit more oak, perhaps some bubbles, something a little nicer. Have a great Memorial Day weekend, and may you all stay healthy.

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