Wine Digest: Week 24 & 25

Hey folks,

Life has been wild. But, wild in a good way. I’m sorry there were some gaps in wine digests, but I have them for you, as well as Week 26 being posted as is normal this week. I hope you are all staying healthy.

Best Wine: 2018 San Simeon Pasa Robles Viognier

This Pasa Robles Viognier was admittedly an impulse buy (hail Costco) but turned out to be so good, it was unreal. Crisp and juicy on the palate without a hint of sweetness that wasn’t welcome. Low to no acidity, excellent presence on the palate. We intended to have just a glass of wine with dinner, but next thing we knew, dinner was cleaned up and we were finishing the rest of the bottle on the porch enjoying the evening air. This could seriously be a strong contender for budget wine of the year.

$17, Every Thumb I Have Up

The Other Wines

Evolution No. 9 White Blend

This white blend features a large cacophony of grapes, most notably Chardonnay and Pinot Gris. Extremely buttery mouth feel leads into pear, lime and some crushed stone. Really paired well with traditional tacos, fish and chicken dishes. Medium acidity, crisp body.

– $11, Thumbs Up

2016 Grove Pinot Noir

Fairly fresh Pinot Noir hailing from Oregon – one of my preferred Pinot Noir regions, at least from an American perspective. Pretty big, juicy body. Not a lot of oak structure. Jammy, focused on blackberry, blueberry, strawberry. Tobacco and pepper. Nice body as mentioned, acidity is low but present. Far from drying on the palate.

– $16, Thumbs Up

Once again, sorry for the lurch in these. Here we have two pretty great whites, and a Pinot I also enjoyed. I’m pretty picky on Pinot, but I liked this. This week, coming up, we drank a lot of interesting stuff. A fun champagne, some Spanish whites, and more. Hope you all are staying out of trouble and drinking well!

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