Wine Digest: Week 23

Best Wine: 2013 Bleda Castilla de Jumilla Crianza

An excellent display of managing fruits, complexity and oak, this bottle from 2013 balanced rich, jammy plum, ripe blackberry and tobacco with a competent oak structure and a bit of pepper. Rich body, acidity is low. Paired well with soy ginger brisket and shrimp. Originally $18, bought at $11 on a sale. Would pay original price without a second thought.

– Two thumbs up, $18

The Other Wines

2018 d’Arenberg The Hermit Crab

A blend of aged and unaged Viognier makes up the majority of this blend, completed with some Marsanne. Crisp on the palate, medium acidity. Peach, pear, tangerine are all in bountiful supply, with some crisp minerality and a hint of cream. This paired well with farm fresh bratwurst. Medium body, excellent for a summer dinner.

– Thumbs Up, $12

2018 G-18 Robert Oatley Grenache

Almost assuredly enjoyed too young, this Grenache hails from McLaren Vale in the South of Australia, and held its own. Huge bouquet on the nose, rich with blackberry, currant, cherry and blueberry. Oak structure is immature and just present, though dominated by fruit. Very delicious, bordering on refreshing, despite the lack of tannins. Paired alright with a fatty cut of ribeye steak, and much better with a spicier beef roulade. Strong value, but immature, I’ll get another and report back in 5 or so years.

  • Thumbs Up, $15

That’s all for this week, folks. Hard to believe another week has stormed by us in such short order, but that means Friday is almost here. Overall, very good wines, especially on the budget, though I’d have left the reds more time to age. A Costco sale is a Costco sale, though. Notably, strong nod to the Hermit, though it didn’t take best of the week.

With temps climbing here and lots of shrimp on the menu, it was a shoe in with the meals of choice. This weekend I think it’s time to make a return to Champagne, perhaps some Vinho, as the temp approaches a steady 90 degrees here in Wisconsin. Beaujolais is almost guaranteed. Have a great rest of your week, world, and we’ll circle back for some more wine talk next week. As always, if you have a request, let me hear it.

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