Wine Digest: Week 27

wine digest

Howdy folks – welcome to this week’s wine digest. We’re, as usual, looking at great wines under $20 and how I paired them over the last week or so. It’s been hotter than blazes here in the Midwest, which means I’ve had a bit less on the spirits front (gasp) and we had a little more wine / cocktail stuff goin’ on this week. Never bad. That said, popped a couple fun bottles, so let’s get to it.

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Best Wine: 2019 Badenhorst Secateurs Chenin Blanc

chenin blanc wine digest

This Chenin Blanc comes to use from South Africa, the Swartland area. Spending time in both concrete and old casks, this white was super bright, just lovely for the recent heat wave and a couple of choice pairings this week. Ripe, though with plenty of acidity to keep things in check. Full mouth feel, crisp finish. Notes of lemon, butter, pear, light sesame. Paired extremely well with spicy stir fry and fish tacos.

– $17, Two Thumbs Up

The Other Wines

2018 Dr. Heidemanns Blitz Riesling

riesling wine digest

Delightful balance of sweetness, acidity and great Riesling flavor. Apple, honey, toasted almonds and lemon curd. Bit richer body than the Chenin, though a hair sweeter. Refreshing when cooled, not too syrupy on the back palate, which is where these typically go wrong. Paired well with pork chop and shrimp.

$11, Thumbs Up

2018 Bellini Chianti

chainti wine digest

2018 Bellini Chianti, 375ml format. This half bottle caught my eye while out shopping. Bright and fruity, light pepper. Body is thin, acidity is low, oak structure is youthful and undeveloped. This was $10 or so, and I’m not disappointed but it strikes me as a bottle drank both too young, and not particularly well produced if it were to age for another 10 years. We’ll call it ok, as it paired adequately with dumplings and steak, but I found myself wondering if my money would have been better spent elsewhere.

  • $10, So-So

An interesting week here as we drink two things that are a bit unique for me (Chianti, Chenin) though that Riesling should not be a surprise – Riesling and Vinho are two huge summer favorites of mine. This week is interesting as well, as this is technically my Friday, which means a very long weekend is ahead, and with it no doubt some wine. I’m planning a couple great meals, with which I expect some great pairings, so I hope you’ll join me for an exciting digest next week. Stay safe, enjoy the holiday, and stay healthy everyone!

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